After studying architecture at Columbia University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design and working on a number of high profile institutional and cultural projects, Nicolas Kelemen established his own practice in Paris, in 2006.

The office, which is fully bilingual, combines extensive experience with both French and international construction projects. The unifying characteristic of our work is to consider the social context of each project, both in its relationship to the public sphere as well as to the building’s users.

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Even before the first sketch, it is our responsibility to listen. First, to understand the client’s needs, but also to engage the dialogue between the project and its context, to absorb it, understand it, assimilate it. This essential process allows us to explore options that not only meet the specific programmatic needs of the client but also respond to the particular environmental, historic, and urban context of the project. It is from this exploratory phase that an architectural project can truly begin to take form, with the ambition to look for opportunities that will allow the project to evolve past simple functional or procedural responses.

Each design is intimately related to the specifics of its context: the client’s needs, the budget, the urban fabric, the landscape, and the existing context. These variables inform the design and gives each project a strong and unique identity. As the design evolves, the project takes shape through concept sketches, studies, models, drawings, plans, and computer renderings. These are the tools that allow the architectural design to evolve in constant dialogue with the client and the various actors involved with the project.


Our work process relies on our extensive technical and construction experience to ensure effective coordination with all actors involved in the construction process. Fully invested in each of our projects, we oversee each phase, from the design concept through construction by defining and directing a clearly organized work plan. It is with this level of commitment that we are able to align your projects with the best technical solutions, while always ensuring that costs and deadlines are respected.

Understanding the specific constraints of each project and finding the appropriate solutions is an essential part of the design process. Starting with the understanding of the client’s expectations through the delivery of the finished product, each project is a journey that we take with you to turn an idea into a reality. We are completely committed to the success of each project we take on, from design through construction administration. This commitment allows us to guarantee the success of even our most ambitious projects.


Nicolas Kelemen Architecture SARL
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