Museum | Merville Batttery

Merville Battery Museum | Merville-Franceville Plage

program: new visitor center, exhibit hall for the C-47 “Dakota,” commemorative garden, landscaped parking area for 80 vehicles.
client: Merville Battery Museum
landscape architect: Zenobia
structural engineer: STEBAT
surface: 12,300 sq. ft.
construction cost: 1,300,000€
delivery: April 2019

While the story of D-Day has remained in the forefront of our collective memory, it is not always easy for today’s visitors to develop a personal understanding of the dramatic events that took place here and marked a turning point of the 20th century.

The passage of time requires an approach not only of preservation, but also of interpretation to ensure that this history remains accessible for future generations.

The project aims to strengthen the relationship between the Merville Battery’s tourist facilities, the historic site, and the landscape. A sensitive, balanced, and respectful approach between the battlefield, the commemorative area, and the natural landscape is the key to a successful project.

With this objective, our project inscribes itself in an interpretive sequence that organizes the discovery of the site.