Temporary Village | Calais

Temporary Village | Calais Ocean Front

program: construction of a temporary village to house visitor facilities dedicated to the arrival of the Calais Dragon, construction of a 4,760 sq. ft. hangar, assemblage of shipping containers to house the restaurant, gift shop, and offices.
client: City of Calais
general contractor: Eiffage Construction Côte d’Opale
computer renderings: Damien Laurens
size: 10,040 sq. ft.
construction cost: 1,598,344.00€
delivery: October 2019

The project for a temporary shelter must have as its primary objective the ability to re-qualify the Ocean Front by imagining a structure that will invite discovery and offer to the city of Calais a new shared urban setting. Our proposal seeks a multi-purpose intervention, designed to allow visitors a memorable meeting with the Dragon of Calais, but also allowing residents of Calais the possibility of appropriating the esplanade, an urban space dedicated to shared experiences and meetings.

The exhibit hangar is aligned with the public road, to create a new urban facade inviting visitors to discover the site. The facade will consist of transparent polycarbonate cladding: the exhibit hangar is imagined as a showcase, opening clear views to the Dragon from the outside. At night, projectors on the ground and within the structure will give the shelter the appearance of a glowing lantern seen from the sea and the city; a jewel box encasing the Dragon resting inside.