Battlefield | Longues-sur-Mer

D-Day “WN 48 Battery” historic battlefield | Longues-sur-Mer

program: new visitor center, landscaped outdoor exhibit area and battlefield trail, parking area for 158 vehicles.
client: Bayeux Intercom
landscape architect: Zenobia
renderings: Damien Laurens
surface: 5,800 sq. ft.
construction cost: 1,500,000€
competition: January 2020

The Allies were fully aware of the danger posed by the batteries located at Longues-sur-Mer: the success of the D-Day landings would depend on their ability to effectively neutralize them on June 6. Our landscape proposal is intended to make the threat that the batteries represent clearly visible on the landscape. The visitor center marks the arrival on the site: by its composition, it orients visitors from the car park to the historic site.

The building is designed as a portico, opening towards the Garden of Memory and the battlefield trail. It is the threshold to the historic site. A key concern for the visitor center is to fit perfectly into a site which is unique by its natural setting and state of conservation. The project must be able to complement the landscape and allow for an immersive experience for visitors coming to explore the site.